Creating Dynamic Ranges of Cells from Various Sheets

I currently have a master sheet that has all my jobs in a single sheet in order to consolidate all the data I'm saving from these projects.

Each project has an estimate that is a stand alone sheet named by the Job name. This job name is stored in the master job sheet. There are some specific cells I want to bring in from each estimate sheet in order to load them into the master job sheet.

Unfortunately I don't want to manually link each sheet, so I am looking for a formula to dynamically call specific cells or range of cells from different sheets with a standard naming scheme that is held on that master job sheet.


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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Brandon Zinninger

    To add on to @Bassam.M Khalil's good suggestion, if you need help building out these cross-sheet formulas, it would be helpful to see a screen capture of each sheet (with the sensitive data blocked out, or a dummy sheet with the same columns instead).

    If you could provide this, along with detailing exactly what you want to be brought across, the Community would be happy to help! It may be an INDEX(MATCH formula, or INDEX(COLLECT (see this post) or it could be a JOIN(COLLECT (see this post), depending on the data you're looking to retrieve.




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