Does Smartsheet allow only certain fields to be copied to a new sheet instead of the entire row?

I have a master sheet where all intake requests are submitted. Submissions are either the "Type" of Issues, Question, or Projects. The "Type" field on the master sheet is how the user designates what is submitted. There is conditional logic on the form that allows only certain fields to display depending on the "Type" the user selects. Not all fields in the master form are relevant to all three Types. Upon saving the form I need logic to look at the Type and copy certain fields (not the whole row) to one of three different sheets (Issue sheet, Questions sheet or project sheet) based on what the user selects. Currently I can only find logic that copies the entire row. Copying the entire row adds fields at the end that are not relevant to the secondary sheet specific to the given Type and then screws up the integrity of the reporting that is done for that particular submission "Type".

Thanks for the help!


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