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I would like to have users enter data into a report, and not the underlying sheet or sheets. I know you can edit data in a report, but you cannot enter new data from the report view.

Is this possible? Or are there creative ways to do this?

I was thinking of creating a dashboard with the report, and then an entry form next to the report. A user would enter their data into the form, and submit, and the report would then be able to pick up the data and present it in the dashboard?



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  • Kelly Moore
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    Hey @mlanterman

    I'm sure the clever community folks will offer more alternatives.

    Yes, I have done exactly as you have described. Alternatively, in a different process, I have a sheet where new rows come 100% from a form. On the form, I have a hidden field with a default value of the Form url. Thus the URL is inserted in a column for every row. I then pull this column into my report which makes the form accessible from the report - this is convenient for my workgoup.