INDEX / MATCH "No Match" Error


Hello all,

I'm attempting to create a status log, where each week individuals enter their updates in the row with that week's date. I want the parent row to then return a) the current week's date in the "date" column and b) the latest update in the "key accomplishments" and "key upcoming items" columns.

I've created a helper column "this week" and set the formula to return a "1" if the "Date" column is within the next 7 days.

Unfortunately, my formula for the index / match in the parent row of the "key accomplishments" and "key upcoming items" columns isn't working - I get a "no match" error.

Here's my formula:

=INDEX([Key Accomplishments]2:[Key Accomplishments]18, MATCH("1", [This Week]2:[This Week]18), "0")

Thank you for any help!


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