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We're trying to create the following project. I would appreciate getting some input on how to program it correctly.

As a healthcare billing company, we post all account receivables to the patient's ledger. At the end of the month, we need to tie out the deposits posted to the bank statements to confirm that every bank deposit was posted.

Our software has a "deposit summary" report, which lists all deposits posted to the ledger during a time period.

We want to automate comparing the deposit summary report vs. the bank statements, noting any discrepancies with the amounts, and highlighting which amounts are missing from the deposit summary report.

I want to drop both Excel files (the deposit summary report and the bank statements) with the data uploader feature to Smartsheet and have a smartsheet formula compare both sheets and mark the differences.

Please note we can have several of the same amounts within the same month ($100 a few times a month).

I would really appreciate it if anyone might have a similar scenario and share how they programmed this correctly.

Thank you

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