Linking Cells within the Same Sheet (Checkboxes, Dropdowns, etc)

Hi there,

I'm building an onboarding checklist/tracker where the main items are listed out and due dates set in 30, 60, and 90 day increments, and having a status column mark the progress.

Hitting a roadblock with one particular aspect, which is I want to have all of the items that are due within their first 30 days to be linked at the top of the same sheet and somewhat have backwards compatibility between the "30-day view" and "all to-do view".  

As an example: One of their items will be to "Attend New Hire Training". This will be as a to do among all of the to do items but I'd also like it to appear at the top under a category called "To Complete within first 30 days". By using "=" I can pull the text information but I'd like for the new hire to be able to use the checkbox, status dropdown in the main view and the 30 day view and have them reflect each other.

Is that possible?


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