Can I send a PDF attachment triggered by GoCanvas to a specific row in SmartSheet using Zapier?


We have a pre-populated Smartsheet grid containing a pre-determined ID Number Column with unique identifiers for each of 100+ work locations on stretch of highway. (80EB-1, 80EB-2, etc)

We're using GoCanvas to evaluate each of these sites. I have been able to attach the PDF Submission to SmartSheet in the past using Zapier with a combination of "Add New Row" & "Add Attachment to Row". This is different, as I'm hoping to send the attachment to the existing row already containing the unique identifier mentioned above. For clarity, the unique identifier is also a field that's coming out of the submission from GoCanvas. I want to use that field to filter/direct the submission to its proper row.

2 Attachment included.

Any help is appreciated.

Dave C


  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Dave Cramer,

    It looks like a specialist from the Support team has already reached out to you abut this and I can see that a request has been submitted to the Product Team for implementing this type of integration/automation into a future release.

    In reviewing GoCanvas + Smartsheet integrations in Zapier (, I'm not sure if you're able to specify which existing row you need the attachments to go to by solely using the "Add Attachment to Row" action. You may be able to leverage the Smartsheet API or possibly build out a custom Bridge workflow to facilitate this.

    I hope this helps!



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