cross-sheet formula to count dates before or after today


I've searched the site and haven't been able to find anything that works, so appreciate any help available.

I have a lot of sheets that link to one another, one of which is pulling launch dates (for events) from various other sheets, and end dates from a single sheet. On another sheet I am pulling various metrics, and would like to capture 1) how many events are "scheduled" - i.e. the launch date is in the future, 2) how many "In-Market", or the launch date is today or in the past, and the end date is in the future and 3) those that are complete (end date today or in the past).

My scheduled formula is kind of working - at least pulling back a number, although not the correct one. That formula is

=COUNTIF({Registration Launch Dates Range 1}, >=TODAY())

the "in-market" pulls back 0 (only changed the 'greater than or equal to' to a 'less than') - should be 3

"Scheduled" is pulling from a different column, and seemingly successfully swapped the 'greater than' with the 'less than'

and yes, columns are formatted as dates. Thanks!


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