Nested IF/AND or Something else??


Hi all,

I am working on a formula to determine the Duration of a Build Phase so that I can use it to calculate the Status of a build.

There are several criteria required to determine what Schedule to use. Once I have the Schedule I just need to know the Duration for the Phase it’s in. I’ve built nested IF/AND statements in the past, but I think this will be a pain to maintain due to the number of criteria and options. 

I use an intake sheet to capture the data and this is the current order of the criteria:

(Used to determine the Schedule)

1.    Order Type- (New, Used)

2.    Vehicle Type- (10 options)

3.    Cost- (3 ranges)

4.    Commercial use- (yes/no)

(Used to determine the Duration)

5.    schedule- (10 Options)

6.    Build Phase- (4 options)

7.    Duration- (number of days)

I can then use the duration to determine if the build is “on time”, “risk of delay” or “overdue”.

Thank you all for any help.






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