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I'm trying to get a count of the number of cells (within the column Card_StartDate) that have a date of less than 12/31/21, but only when an adjacent column (LaneTitle) has cells with content that contains 'Parent' (parent can be anywhere within those cells). I'm completely lost on this and can't find what I'm looing for in community.

I appreciate any help you can provide!

Here's what I have thus far, to start the formula (which is accurate):

=COUNTIF([Card_StartDate]:[Card_StartDate], "<=12/31/21")

Where I'm lost is trying to pull the count for only the data that has the word parent within.

=FIND("Parent", @cell) > 0


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  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    The CONTAINS function is what you need to look for text anywhere within a cell. It's not an exact match function and is not case sensitive.

    =COUNTIFS([Card_StartDate]:[Card_StartDate], <=DATE(2021,12, 31), LaneTitle:LaneTitle, CONTAINS("Parent", @cell))


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