Using a conditional statement with Index/Match for a checkbox column


Wondering if anyone can offer some help on a formula I'd love to get working in my sheet: I have a checkbox column that should be checked or unchecked based on information in another sheet.

My Sheet 1 includes a column for an organization name (LEA Name) and the checkbox column.

I need to reference Sheet 2: match the organization name, see if a "Math 1" column has anything in it (i.e., it's not blank). If the Sheet 2 "Math 1" column has a value, I want the box checked on Sheet 1. If the "Math 1" column is empty, i would like the box remain unchecked.

So far, using Index/Match and IFERROR, I've achieved the second part - keeping the box unchecked when "Math 1" is empty:

=IFERROR(INDEX({Math 1}, MATCH([LEA Name]@row, {Survey LEA Name}, 0)), 0)

However, I can't figure out how to tell Smartsheet to check the box when there IS a value in Math 1. (Presently, it's just pulling in the value of that cell - as you'd expect!) I'm at a loss on what function(s) to add and in what order. ...While I could use some workarounds, I'd like to learn how to make this work if possible.

Thanks for any help you can give. (I enjoy playing around with these formulas but I'm out of my league here!)


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