ways to link sheets for teams with different functions

Hi all,

Newbie here, pardon the newbie question. Am helping build out our SmartSheet workflow and presence for a marketing and comms team, but don't have full license permissions and am trying to learn what I can without being able to kick all the tires.

My org has a comms team (primarily writing stories for our website and also producing video), a media relations team (writes press releases and pitches stories, some of which have been on our website but others have not), a social media team (which picks up a lot of stuff from our website, but also plans its own social-only content), and a marketing/brand team (which designs/writes/runs ad campaigns on social, online, etc.)

Mostly we are using SS as an editorial calendar of sorts, with simple status updates on each assignment or story (e.g. idea only, assigned, in progress, ready for publication) and to capture story and project ideas as they come in.

There is a desire on the part of leadership to see "everything at once" -- somehow this has been translated as "build one sheet that needs to capture all project info for all teams." But my gut tells me this is not at all the way it should work-- right?

I would think the best practice for our group is building multiple sheets -- say one for each team above -- and then linking them in some way via reports/automation so that a user could see things like all dates of all projects, etc. Or linking them such that they share information/data... am I right? Would this need to happen in different workspaces or just a single workspace?

I'd be most grateful for any tips and guidance as I need to convince folks with fancier titles that this is the way to go. Thanks!