How to prevent a moving automation to take place before copying.


I've created a workorder file in Smartsheet. I've created a central inputfile and the incoming orders are moved to different sheets acording certain parameters. However, sometimes (when a certain box is checked) it is necessary that a row first is being copied to a certain sheet and afterwards being moved to another. So on the same line I do than have a copy and a move automation. In general this works quite smoothly, however I experience that when many workorders come in in a short time, it looks like the moving automation takes place before copying, so we're missing certain workorders.

I tried to prevent this by set the moving to 'hourly' iso 'when triggered'. However, smartsheet says that the automation cannot be set to hourly.

Another idea I had was changing all the moving to 'copy' and make an automation to delete the rows after one or two days, but that automation doesn't exist.

Can anybody help me how I can secure the copying takes place before moving the row.


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    What about if you had the copy occur from the file you are moving it to or vice versa

    So you would

    1. first, move the record to the "Niet plantopdrachten / oppotten move" Sheet
    2. then have a workflow copy the row from that sheet to the Label Print sheet.

    You may have to add a case in the Label Print copy workflow to ignore records when the with the 'Gewas' is Any value and the "Labels printen door BO is checked.. so you do not create duplicate values.

    In other words, just let the move happen and the copy will come from the other sheet

    Den hjelpen?

  • Mark Berg
    Mark Berg ✭✭✭

    Hi Brent,

    Many thanks for your answer. I had the same idea as well, however that will result in many other complications. For the moving there are multiple destination sheets to chose from based on certain criteria and on these sheets there are new collumns with new information derived from the input. So copying from this sheets will result in many additional collumns which are not necessary for the label print sheet. (It is still not possible to select the columns that need to be copied or moved) Also it can happen that a line is copied to a sheet and moved to another. If I than copy from the destination sheets this will result in dubble lines.

    The last option I was thinking about was to replace all the moving into copying and than based on creation date +1 create a move automation to a Dump sheet.

  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you do something in the "copy" workflow, after the copy, such as record the date?

    And then use the record date (not blank) as a condition to move?

  • Mark Berg
    Mark Berg ✭✭✭

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks, I think I'm going to try something like that. I'll need to find out how exactly because not all rows are being copied, but will use the idea.