Can you resend an approval request/email? If so, how?


Hi everyone,

I have a manager who is set up as an approver in a specific approval work flow who declined instead of approved. I can manually change it however, I would like to capture his approval via the automated process so that the cell history reflects his approval for documentation purposes.

Is there a way that I can resend the approval request/email from the system?


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    I have something similar in two cases

    1. With invoices, if they do not get processed, and a supplier calls looking for payment. I can flag the invoice urgent after submission to payables and it refires the workflow to the payables email and also copies the Manager as well this time around for escalation...
    2. I also have a resubmission check box where I can trigger a resubmission to payables without copying the controller.
      1. This was created as a result of doing reconciliations and finding payables did not put the echeck/check number (part of the process) but said it was completed. This way we could check the box during audit and payables would get an email back to add the check number

    You might be able to modify the workflow or create another one that triggers if you check a resubmit check box.. or even better entered a date in a cell (resubmission or escalation date comes to mind) to be able to show auditors.. so Approver 1 did it on the 2nd of Feb then Approver 2 declined on the 4th.. We resubmitted on the 6th and Approver 2 approved it on the 6th and it went on to Approver 3

    You could also use logic in the workflow to see if Approval 1 is complete and skip over that approver and go onto Approval 2 and so on... so Approver 1 doesn't be like "I approved this already"

    Let me know how that goes

  • Stephanie Burdette

    Thanks I'll give it a shot.