Update Request Form

I have a scenario where marketing managers update a sheet based on the activity they are doing. We then copy the row, via workflow, to another sheet which then triggers an update request for them to supply additional information via the update request form.

The problem is that we cannot edit or modify the update request form to include the column description or information we need. Each column actually asks a question and we expect a response (yes, no) from the recipient.

For the test, we name each column A1, A2 etc...

in the actual sheet, we have column descriptions letting them know what information we need.

But when using the update request form, the column description is not visible, nor can we rename the columns as the question is too lengthy.

Column A1 - Will anyone other than ACME personnel attend the event?

Column A2 - Will ACME pay for any travel or hospitality expenses on behalf of a person visiting a facility?:

Column A3 - Will any government official or other member of the Public Sector be attending the event? If yes, provide the name, position, organization, and email address of each Public Sector person attending the event or explain why you cannot provide the list.

Column A4 - (additional information if A3 = yes)

Additionally, column A4 is only required if A3 = yes. We can't make this a conditional field in the update request form.

Does anyone know how we can solve for users to update existing records using forms and the requirements above?



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