Non numerical data error on graph

I am putting together a shift rota, and trying to pull data off the rota into a graph.

This is the data, a summary of each day by team to work out a percentage of each team that are in/out on any given day etc.

If you see towards the bottom where the cell is selected there are two rows.

Percent OFF & Date. This is what I want to graph.

So I have this data in a report for the entire year and filtered by the 'Data Tag' column so it only shows 'Bushing OFF' & 'Bushing Data'.

Then I have created a dashboard and tried to import the data into a graph. I get this error:

The data is all in a Drop down column format, but as far as I'm aware that's an acceptable format for graphs. I've tried with and without percentage.

Weirdly it worked fine the first time I did it, but not now.

Can anyone help unpick what's going on here?



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