Estimated Capacity Calculation


Hi All,

I am running an estimated capacity calculation on Smartsheet, the raw data (=attendance tracker) is also stored on Smartsheet & the pages are linked to each other via references.

I am using for the calculation headcount and the average of the monthly target, the only problem is that from the available headcount not everyone works on 100%, since some employees have additional tasks, so their productivity has been lowered, but not their yearly day-offs, which makes the capacity calculation a bit more tricky.

Since 'SUMPRODUCT' is not supported on Smartsheet, which formula could I use? My initial thought and logic behind is: "Total possible vacation by a category and year (which is the headcount * max. yearly vacation) – planned vacation by a category and year) * average monthly category target) / amount of remaining months of the year)"

The monthly target is a SUM based on the individuals' target & the headcount is also a SUM based on the employees' dedicated daily utilization, which is a %.

Thanks for any hints - Viktor



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