When checkbox is TRUE then copy TODAY date in another cells and froze it


Hi everyone,

I use this formula:

=IF([Info client OK]1 = ISBOOLEAN([Info client OK]1); TODAY(); Créé@row)

Explaination: if the checkbox is checked then write the today date in the cells. this work.

My question: I would like to freeze this date because if I do not freeze it the day after it change.

I use it to make a step by step project manager by checking the checkbox when action is done. The date will allow me to have the deadline report.

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  • Jerome Szurubura
    Answer ✓


    Thank for your support, the automation solution give me my result

    For those who want to write the date in another when the checkbox is check

    1 : Click on automatisation

    2: Select register a date

    3: When the line is modify

    4: select the checkbox column

    5: select the action 'copy date' in select the column where you want to copy the date


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