Auto generating due dates for project management

Hello Smartsheet Community!

I am attempting to automate our project management for product launches and I need some help figuring out how to set up automated dates in smartsheet. I'd like to 'plug in' a new date into a cell and have the rest of my action plan dates to automatically update based on the number of days it takes to complete the item.

For example, in Excel I could put our launch date into A1 then use, "=A1-15" for an item that needs to be complete 15 days before our launch or use "=A1-90" for an item that needs to be complete 90 days before launch.

I know this seems very simple but I'm not a power users and searching within the community, on google and youtube isn't helping me find an answer (my colleagues asked that I report back so they can do the same:)) I would really appreciate anyone's suggestions on how to accomplish this.

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