Counting with 2 criteria

I am creating a sheet report where my primary column is departments and the following columns are criteria that I'm interested in reviewing how many times the department is utilizing that criteria. For example, unit 9a: how many times did we support a discharge; number of times we transfered; number of times XYZ. How do I create a formula that looks at what the department is on this sheet and then goes to the master sheet and counts the number of times that criteria was assigned to the department. Here is a screenshot of the report (note that the data is manually entered so I could see how it would work in a graph):

Here is what the mocked up graph will look like:

I'm also open to how to show 28 separate depts and all of this data so that it is not so cumbersome on a dashboard. Not only are there 28 depts but there are 19 potential criteria!


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