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I have a data sheet with multiple lines of data, I wanted to create something (form or update request) for a user/viewer to be able to "choose" the column they needed to change. Example, they would pick the tail number of the aircraft they would like to change a piece of information on, then a dropdown would pop up of all the fields they could change. They would choose the one (or multiple) they needed to update/correct and it would be sent to the admin to review.

Is this possible?


  • markkrebs
    markkrebs ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    form and update requests are row specific. You'd need to create a column to trigger the action then us a formula to populate the trigger. The automation would then look at the trigger and send out the update request as dictated.

  • Problem is there wouldn't be a trigger, it would be if the user or view notices something from the dashboard/summary sheet that needed to be changed and submit a request per say. Anything that can be done in that case?

  • markkrebs
    markkrebs ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Do you assign them the rows? Can anyone looking at the dashboard change it? Do you own Dynamic view or data mesh? If all are no then the best you can do is have them email someone or fill out a request form that goes to a different sheet and manually rekey.

  • No one is assigned rows. I don't want anyone changing the dashboard (I was hoping to have a widget on there they could click on to take them to a change request form). And I am with a company and I believe we have all Smartsheet capabilities if that is what you mean by Dynamic view. I don't know what data mesh is.

    Sorry, so very new to this and I am not sure my request is even a possibility.

    I'm sorry if I am wasting your time.

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