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We have a list (actually 6 of them), to pull automatically ICD-10 codes that the employees enter. The problem is, no matter the order we enter them, smartsheet is placing them in alphabetical order. Is there a way to prevent this and have what the employees enter (the order they enter) remain the same? I think if I lock the column, then they would not be able enter the data. We are currently entering this information in the dynamic view detail pane, that is then populated onto a sheet.


  • I would think that you would need to have 6 separate columns for each of the ICD-10 codes. column 1 being the primary code down to column 6 as the least priority code. In the form use the logic to show the first column and the ICD-10 code options, once that single code is selected the 2nd column will show for the second code option, and once that column is populated the 3rd column will show, this will go down the line until one of the columns is left blank. This is the only way to get the ICD-10 codes to show in the order of priority.

  • We have one for the primary and need up to 24 for the secondary. If there is a way to include all those in the secondary and not have them be alpha organized and entered the way I enter them that would be a preference since the details pane would be way too long otherwise.

  • Are you using the dropdown multi select for the second column? the system will always put them in Numerical or alphabetical order when you do that. the only way to by-pass is to assign each code a numerical position prior to the actual code. for example you have the codes F33.0 and F03.90 and R03.0. you always want the R03.0 to be first the F33.0 second and the F03.90 third you would do the drop down list like this- 1-R03.0, 2-F33.0, 3-F03.90. this would keep these in the 1,2,3 order even thought alpha organized would organize as F03.90, F33.0 and R03.0... I hope this helps and makes sense

  • It does!!! I didnt think of that. Thank you!

  • One thing I forgot to add (I always forget this until it bites me in my sheets), Say you have 100 codes you are listing you will want your numerical positions to all have a 3 digit number. For example number 1 would be 001, 2 would be 002, skip a few, 99 would be 099 and 100 would be 100. From your previous message you have 24 ICD-10 codes you would want all your number prior to the codes to be a 2 digit number.

  • OK...if I change it now on the sheet, to a free text with multiple line entries, how do I get the dynamic view pane to change from a Multiple drop down to a free text? It did not change my dynamic view details pane

  • I honestly missed the dynamic view portion of your question. I have yet to work with dynamic view, and am unable to speak to how dynamic view would function. I am assuming the dynamic view is choosing the ICD-10 codes available base on certain criteria? I may have sent you down the wrong way because I missed the dynamic view portion. If dynamic view is choosing the appropriate ICD-10#'s what I suggested would not work without changing the system that housed the ICD-10 codes.

    If multiple select codes are programmed in the drop down of the column you would keep the multiple select and program it as the photo attached shows.

    sorry if I took you down the wrong road.

  • It is certainly ok...we have a project person from smartsheet, however, we have sent messages and haven't heard back from him in a couple of weeks, so we are in beta testing now and trying to get it ironed out (without any real superusers or defined instructions by our project manager). The source sheets are actually all the diagnosis codes (listed on 6 different sheets actually) to where all the auditors have to do is enter the numeric...knowing that hundreds of people will not complete the 01, 02, 03, I was hoping there was an easier path....

  • I would think the answer is in the programming of the 6 different sheets in the background. I have similar lookup sheets that I use that I have built for our company for the Control Center Trials and Item lookups. Check with Smartsheet on the amount of time you have left in your project support. Reach out to your Smartsheet success manager if you have one they may have more information. I am looking to start creating our companies own dynamic view for Reject systems but have not taken this portion on just yet.

  • Thank you for your assistance!!! Really....want to come to work for us? LOL

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