Performance issues

Hi All,

I have 4 sheets with 5000+ rows & with 4 column formulas. I would need to add a 5th formula, which looks like as stated below. When I added it the sheet started to slow down, it was freezing, since the formula runs on the cell basis. Is there an option to optimize the sheets' performance, when cell formulas are running?

=IF(Alias2 = Alias1, "", (COUNTIF($Alias$1:$Alias$5062, $Alias1) * (25 / 365)) * (AVERAGEIF($Alias$1:$Alias$5062, $Alias1, $[Individual_Daily_Target]$1:$[Individual_Daily_Target]$5062)) - ((COUNTIFS($Alias$1:$Alias$5062, $Alias1, $[Type_of_Absence]$1:$[Type_of_Absence]$5062, "Vacation")) * (AVERAGEIF($Alias$1:$Alias$5062, $Alias1, $[Individual_Daily_Target]$1:$[Individual_Daily_Target]$5062))))


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