The correct VLOOPUP formula?

Hello I am needing a formula that will pull an employee level and assign it to the alias listed. I have used differed variations of VLOOKUP and nothing seems to work.


Sheet #1 will contain a list of an employee alias's, sometimes the alias will be listed multiple times. In the column "Level (Formula)" on sheet #1, I am needing the VLOOKUP formula to pull the level that matches this alias from Sheet #2.

Sheet #1:

Sheet #2 will hold a list of all employee alias's and their matching level. This is where the formula (in sheet #1) will be pulling from.

Sheet #2:

I have tried a variation of formulas:

=VLOOKUP(Alias@row, {Sheet #2 Range 1} + {Sheet #2 range 2}, 2)

=VLOOKUP(Alias@row, {Sheet #2 Range 1}:{Sheet #2 range 2}, 2)

I am not sure how to fix my formula.

Thanks again for the help :)


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