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I would like to send daily reminders of a row to the employee of that particular row till the status

Jayam Nagesh1
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I want to send daily remainders of a row to the employee of that perticular row till the status colomn shows finished. The colomn names in my sheet are :


1, start date : system generated date and time( this is not visible in the reminder)

2.end date : we can utilize this based on the status colomn

3.emplyoee-1, employee-2 & Manager



Please suggest.


Jayam Nagesh


  • ruiovaz
    ruiovaz ✭✭
    edited 03/17/17


    I think you have to insert a new column (Ex: "Reminter date) with a formula something like this:


    =IF(AND([status]n<>1,TODAY(), "")


    assuming "status" would be the percent completed column (%).

    Then insert a Reminder pointing to the "Reminder date" (date) column and "Employee" (contact) column.


    Hope this helps.



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