Setting Easy Workflow for Leadership with Dynamic View, Should I try Work Apps?



We have created a Centralized Employee Data Sheet. This sheet has each employee by row, with columns that list all of their HR Data, including Performance Review and Compensation Review Questionnaire Responses. Questions go out to Employee, Supervisor and Peer, through Dynamic Forms. When I have all responses, I output a final PDF consolidating all responses. I consolidate the response PDF with additional pdfs (job description, assessments etc)

Now I have to also gather goals for next year that come from the Employee Review meeting with Leadership. I think this will be it's own dynamic view. After the Performance review, Compensation Review Questions have to go out. I think this will be a Dynamic form that goes to Employee and then with those responses it goes to their supervisor for comments (same Dynamic View?) Then that needs to go to owners for their review and recommendation for salary change.

Question is this is a lot of digital management for Leadership. Are they managing a number of dynamic links for all of these different steps? I struggle with an easy way to present a workflow to LT to manage. Is Work Apps correct for this? What is fundamental difference between Work Apps/Dashboards/Workspace?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Martha Brown

    It does sound like there may need to be a number of links for your Leadership team to manage. You could set this up in a few different ways: perhaps you could create a Dashboard for Leadership that organizes the data and provides all the links and some views for them in one place? Or yes, you could potentially create a WorkApp to contain all the different Smartsheet items they'll need to review.

    In a WorkApp scenario, each Dynamic View (if you have multiple) would be its own page on the left. You could still have a Dashboard as the first page of your WorkApp to identify some higher-level content and quick links, if needed. WorkApps help to organize your data in a different way than a Dashboard would, allowing access to all the different items from the tab on the left. You could also include certain Reports in a WorkApp without sharing the underlying sheet.

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