Current Year Month in a count formula

I'm having problems finding the right syntax to count the number of records for the current year month. My sheet may have records from several past years but I just need to count the number of records by month for JUST for the current year - even if I must update the formula each January - that's ok.

My basic formula for counting the months using a cross sheet formula works like a champ. Unfortunately, I'm stuck trying to find how to enhance the formula for just the months in the current year. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Here is my current basic formula for counting the months:

=COUNTIF({ProposalsSubmissionDate}, IFERROR(MONTH(@cell), 0) = 1)

This version is of course only counting January. I have a sheet that I'm using just for the counters so each row will represent the current year month - January thru December.


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