Referring to a single cell in an Automation message

David Dolch
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Is there any way to refer to a single static cell in an Automation's message. I know that I can use {{COLUMN NAME}} to refer to the specific row value in a given column, but I am looking for something where I can refer to {{COLUMN NAME}}ROW NUMBER

I am the owner / admin of a Control Center deployment that creates project packages for my project managers. The Project Plan pulls in the Project Title and Project Manager name from a Metadata sheet.

I would like the Automation I have built in have messages that say "PROJECT MANAGER" is requesting an update in relation to "PROJECT NAME". Right now my name is all over these updates since I am the owner / admin and it confuses some of the cross functional teams.

I know I could put hidden helper columns with the Project Name and Project Manager listed in the entire column. While I think that sometimes helper columns are very inelegant solution to what should be simple functionality, I would use them in this case if I could populate them with a column formula. However I cannot use a specific cell reference with a column formula.

The issue with using a "regular" formula instead of a column formula is that my users insert and delete rows as necessary, so now I have a chance of the system sending out automated requests with blanks in the messaging. Not a very professional solution.

Anybody have any ideas?


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