Update Request - View Only Fields

Is there way on an update request to include certain columns, but have them as view only, without locking the columns on the sheet?

My Control Center creates project packages for my Project Managers. The PM's have Edit-Can Share rights to the created sheets (myself and an other person are owners and admins). This is done because there are formulas, hidden helper columns, and a bunch of other stuff that is locked that we do not want the PMs to change, but they need to build plans, share plans, and get updates.

The "Task Name" (among other columns) on the project plan is not locked - the project managers need to edit this info, however when we send out the update requests, we do not want the person receiving the update request to edit the task description, but we do want them to see it.

Yes, I can include the task name in the email (I already do that), but it would be nice to have it on the actual form where they make their updates so they can refer to what they are updating, while they are actually updating the status. Some people get sent update requests for multiple tasks (rows) at once, then they get confused about what task the link they opened pertains to.

I know this can be accomplished by locking the column, but as I said, I need to leave these columns unlocked.



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