How to include predecessors when copying to another sheet?

I am trying to copy rows to another sheet but the predecessor relationships don't carry into the new smartsheet when I do. How can I copy rows and retain the predecessors?


  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Christa Johnson

    Hope you are fine, unfortunately, when you copy or move rows between sheets the dependency is not copied, you can play around by exporting the original sheet to Ms Project as XML and import it to the new sheet, or you can copy the values in the Predecessors column and paste it in the new sheet.

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  • FWPBIDev
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    Ridiculous. Would be much easier and more user-friendly to include the predecessors and allow users to delete inapplicable ones. The current workflow is absurdly unnecessary. Simple fix. Do it. Geez.

  • I can't believe this is not fixed yet !

  • I was really disappointed to find out that predecessors are lost when copying from one sheet to another. It's totally ruining my plans for a project I'm working on. I have a portfolio sheet that needs to have additional projects added to it over time. My idea was to have a template sheet containing a single project, and then copy and paste that project to the portfolio sheet whenever a new project needs to be added. But losing the predecessors means the automated scheduling is lost.

  • It is crazy and unacceptable to rework multiple streams in separate sheets when combining into one. What is the ETA for this enhancement to ensure a seamless experience?

    The more I use Smartsheet, the more I start looking for alternatives for future projects. This is just one of the examples of things that are annoying and not taken care of over the course of time.