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I have a sheet that is a master list of all of my ongoing and upcoming projects. I have a multi-select column that has a list of tags for product type. I would like to have a column that looks at the product types and assigns a number to indicate complexity. For example:

Product Type 1 = 1 (simple)

Product Type 2 = 2 (moderate)

Product Type 3 = 3 (complex)

I would also like it to add them together if a given project falls into multiple categories. For example:

Project A = Product Type 2 & 3 = complexity 5

"5" would appear in a "Complexity" column, based on the tags in the "Product Type" column. Hopefully that makes sense! Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Heather Duff
    Heather Duff ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Robert,

    Here's what I'm thinking, assuming the multi-select column is titled "Product Type":

    =(IF(CONTAINS("Product Type 1", [Product type]@row), 1, 0)) + (IF(CONTAINS("Product Type 2", [Product type]@row), 2, 0)) + (IF(CONTAINS("Product Type 3", [Product type]@row), 3, 0))

    Let me know if it works!




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