Auto-Number/System field Created (Date) changes back to "Date" field


I have an Auto-Number/System field called "Date Submitted" as Created (Date). This is used on the manual form (which we are phasing out) and also to capture any new rows that come in from Salesforce sync. For some crazy reason it keeps changing column properties to Date. In which case two things break:

  1. Anything that syncs from Salesforce does not get this field populated.
  2. My automation rule to move rows fails, because the Archive sheet is set up with Auto-Number/System field "Date Submitted" as Created (Date), and I get this error message: Rows can't be added to the destination sheet because a system column has the same name as column on the source sheet.

I have removed admin permissions from anyone on that sheet (+ workspace), as originally I though people were changing this on purpose, however I am not so sure about this and the users, that are logged as they changed the column properties, say they did not touch the column properties nor would know how to do it.

It seems to be somewhat connected to users changing Stage of the row picklist values. They also use card view and just drags and drops cards form one lane to another changing the Stage value.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening here? I just keep getting notifications that my workflow fails.

P.S. your "Ask a Question" tags add 4 of the same tag when clicked. O_o

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