trying to get a formula for a risk register. Tried the below but cant get it to work

=IF({Risk Rating}@row<= 6,= "No significant impact")


=IF(Risk Rating @row<= 6, "No significant impact")

once I get this right, I can add the other ifs.


  • Malaina Hudson
    Malaina Hudson ✭✭✭✭✭

    Try this. Replace your curly bracket with a square brace as so:

    =IF([Risk Rating]@row <=6, "No significant impact")

    If your column header has a space in it, the square braces make the formula view the title as a string and doesn't break them at the space.

    If your column header is a single word with no spaces in it, then you would not need the square braces in the formula. E.g., =IF(Risk@row <=6, "No significant impact")

  • Thank you so much, that worked. Now, to bug you further, I have further criteria to determine higher levels of risk, what would I use? I am having trouble with the "or" as I need to determine between a range.

    =IF([Risk Rating]@row <= 6, "Very Low - Acceptable Risk"),([Risk Rating]@row >= 7,OR, <=10,"Low - Acceptable Risk"), ,([Risk Rating]@row >= 11,OR, <=15, "Medium - Possibly Unacceptable Risk"),([Risk Rating]@row >= 16,OR, <=23, "High - Unacceptable Risk"),([Risk Rating]@row >= 24,OR, <=30,"Very High - Unacceptable Risk")

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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