COUNTIFs referencing another sheet and tied to value in current sheet


Hi all,

I've got a sheet with nothing but a list of dates for all of 2021. I want to add columns to this sheet wherein I count tasks in another sheet by the date and by the assignee.

So in essence, the countifs would filter:

-All instances of tasks whose DATE value in another sheet correspond with current sheet's DATE in cell (this I got to work with =COUNTIF({range}, =Date@row)

-But I also want to add a condition: That also include assignee's name in ASSIGNEE column for that item (this I didn't get to work with additional variations on the above, modifying to COUNTIFS and other tips I found on here.)

Ultimately looking to count in current sheet total tasks for each person for every single day of the year (past, present, future) with the ultimate purpose of reviewing workload.

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