Need help with nested IF Statement

Am I missing something?

I'm trying to use a nested IF statement to check three cells in different columns for value. There should only be value in one of the 3 cells. Once it finds the the cell with the value, set column Type with value.

Here are the columns:

  1. Type (Number/Text) - Cell with the IF Statement
  2. Document (Multiple value drop-down)
  3. WIFI (Multiple value drop-down)
  4. Computer (Multiple value drop-down)

IF Statement

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Document]@row)), [Document]@row, "", IF(NOT(ISBLANK([WIFI]@row)), [WIFI]@row, "", IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Computer]@row)), [Computer]@row, "")))

Best Answer

  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni
    Answer ✓

    You had your "" at the end of each if statement, which meant it never goes on to the next.

    Try this:

    =IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Document@row)), Document@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Wifi@row)), Wifi@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Computer@row)), Computer@row, "")))


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