Can I make my status column read both the line above it and the column next to it using a formula?

I've been doing some research on IF, AND, OR equations to try and automate my sheet. Is there a formula that I can plug into the cell highlighted in the image above that reads not only the Status of the line item above it, but the Complete column at the row level as well?

I would like for an artist to come in, check off their task as complete, the Status of that row then becomes "Complete" and then the next row task below to change to "In Process". I have a feeling my equations are SUPER close but I am missing something... like the ability to tell the equation what is most important

Complete check mark box trumps the Complete status in an above cell.

Equations I have tried:

=IF(OR(Status175 = "Complete", Complete@row = "true"), "In Progress", "Complete")

=IF(Status175 = "Complete", "In Progress"), IF(Complete@row = "true", "Complete")

Thank you!


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