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Is there any way to tell which sheet is being populated by the form url?

I have created a form that I shared with colleagues but when they submit the form, I don't see the response in the expected smartsheet, and I dont receive an inapp notification either.

I visited the expected sheet to see if I could see the form but its isnt visible there.

The form was used for testing/sign off and my colleagues have submitted additional information in the form freetext fields that I now cant find. :-(

Any help appreciated

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  • Mark Cronk
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    Try searching your Smartsheets workspaces for something unique to a completed form. You can submit a form with something unique if you need to. If you have access to the sheet your search will find the unique entry and point you to the sheet.

    To stop the errors, create the form in the expected sheet and provide users with the new URL.


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