Exclude filtered out data in a sheet summary report

I have a filter in my sheet that uses Y or N in order to exclude the rows not used in each particular project. I am building a sheet summary report and would like to include only the data that has "Y" in the row and exclude data that has a "N" in the row. Can I put a formula in a sheet summary report? If so, I need help writing it.

Additionally, the current formula (=COUNTIF(Health:Health...)in the sheet summary report provides a count of complete, medium risk, high risk, etc. If I am able to remove the rows above from the data, I will need to change the formula to a percent so it is only based on the what is included in the data. How do change a count formula to a % formula?

Once again, thank you so much for the help in this forum. It's amazing!


  • JayPedde
    JayPedde ✭✭✭
    edited 03/15/21

    use countifs formula to exclude the rows that contain the "Y"

    =COUNTIFS(Health:Health, 'Medium Risk", Exclude:Exclude <> "Y")

    to get a percentage =COUNTIFS(Health:Health, "Medium Risk", Exclude:Exclude, <> "Y") / COUNTIF( Exclude:Exclude, <> "Y")

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