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Countifs within date ranges

joe taylor
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have - 


a column containing weekdays, that spans a complete school year.

a column containing an assortment of names that re-occur on a random basis.


I want to count how many times each name occurs from the start of the date range, but only up and not beyond today.


Any help appreciated!


  • I created a new column, and in it I put in something like this:

    =IF(Date4 > Date$1, IF(Date4 <= Date$2, [Primary Column]4, ""), "")


    This says, if the date in the range defined by Date$1 and Date$2 (the first two rows in the sheet) then put whatever is in the primary column in this column too.


    Then at the bottom I put a few rows with the names in question, and in the new column I put my countif.


    Countif date range.png

  • Thanks Adam, that works a treat..!



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