Concatenate instead of adding days from a date?



I am trying to add days from a date, depending on the value of another cell. Instead of adding the days it appears to be concatenating. In the screen shot below the desired result would be an Expected Sample Date of 04/01/21. Instead it is displaying 03/01/2132.

Here are the Columns I am using:

  1. Completed in Lab Date
  2. Number of Days (this is based on a column formula, so will vary)
  3. Expected Sample Date (Cell 1 + Cell 2)

The formula for Number of Days is:

=IF(Crop@row = "Cotton", "70", IF(Crop@row = "Soy", "32"))

This is the formula I'm using when I try to add Completed In Lab Date and Number of Days and what I'm getting below in a screenshot:

=[Completed in Lab Date]@row + [Number of Days]@row

When I add the number of days manually (no formula) everything behaves as it should.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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