How do I move a sheet from folder "Sheets" to a subfolder ?



How so I move a sheet from folder "Sheets" to a subfolder also located in Sheets.

I underline the fact that the Sheet that I want to move it has been shared with me and I'm not the owner of the sheet. When I will save it in the folder I created, I don't want to appear as a owner. I just simply want to save it as it is in the folder I created. Can I do this? or the owner must share it again with me and he needs to save it in the folder I created?

Thank you,

Maria S.


  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Maria Dumitrica,

    you have been shared individually to one sheet. These always appear in your personal "Sheets" folder.

    As the location of this sheet is inside the account of the creator, you cannot move it to a location of your liking.

    "Saving as new" duplicates the sheet to your desired location but as it is a duplicate it's not connected to the original sheet.

    The creator can either create a workspace for the sheets you should see and share it to you, or you can create a workspace and make the creator admin for it. Then you can both create and edit sheets in that workspace.

    Hope this helps


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