Ancestors / Parents and concatenation of all level to make a string / map of the heirarchy

Hello smartSheet world,

Can we concatenate all parents in a Column/field values together?

Example, If we have 5 levels;






As descriptive text in each field (e.g. a Name of a WBS Level in a Project.)

Using the above to make the below adding a " " in between each (Could be any character)

"123 ABC abc 987 i" Thus give a complete heirarchy map in a field next to the ultimate child record.

I ask as this could be useful in having this for Reporting, individual list of Activities for staff. the display of the project or list where the identification of activities that may read the same yet be located underneath different area's of a hierarchy need to be identified differently.

I have considered using the Parent and/or Ancestors but get in my planning I get stuck on the cell reference for the next hierarchy level up.

I know this is a Tricky one, but may be someone has done this out there.. or can figure it out.




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