Combining AVERAGEIF and AND Functions

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Hi All,

I am wondering whether it's possible to combine the AVERAGEIF and AND functions together to meet 2 criteria.

In my case, I'm averaging time - {X} is in minutes hence the division by 60 to convert to hours and the 2 to round to two decimal points.

The below works as expected.

=ROUND(AVERAGEIF({X}, {X} > 0) / 60, 2)

However to add a second criteria - in my case, if {X} is greater than 0 AND checkbox @ that particular row = 1

I'm not sure if it's possible but possibly it would look something like this:

=ROUND(AVERAGEIF(AND({X}, {X} > 0,{Checkbox}=1)) / 60, 2)

I appreciate this is wrong but not clear on whether it's wrong or just not possible.

Thanks for your time.


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