Column Synonyms in Reports

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Is it possible to create a report with synonymns for column names from the underlying sheet?

One use case is could be a sheet with a column called 'Date Submitted' and in one report on the sheet I'm happy to keep that column name, but in another report I just want to call it 'Date'.

Another use case would be wanting to avoid too much emphasis on sheet design and column naming up front and if I have created a number of reports on a sheet and I change the column name in the sheet, I need to re-add the 'changed' column back to all reports that referenced the old column name as well as remove the 'anchor' to the old column name in the report. For example, I have a sheet with 'Development Owner' and a number of reports that reference it. I then change the column name in the sheet to 'Development Manager' but all my existing reports still show 'Development Owner' but with blank values and I need to remove it and add 'Development Manager' as a column to the report and re-position it in the correct place in the column order on the report.

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