Per diem interest rounded to nearest cent doesn't translate to accumulated interest?

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I've got a sheet that tracks loans to generate statements and payoffs. For the most part, it works GREAT.

The "Holding Cost" (per diem) column is run by =[Loan amount]@row * interest rate / 365

Since the column is set for Text/Number & Currency, it automatically rounds to the nearest cent which is perfect for my needs.

The issue is that the "Accumulated interest" column, run by =[Holding cost]@row * [Days on loan]@row does not use the rounded version of the data in the Holding cost row, but the expanded decimal.

Ex: $8.63 * 419 = $3,615.97 (which is what I need shown)

But the expanded value returned for holding cost is: 8.630136986301369863013698630137 * 419 = 3,616.0273972....rounding to $3,616.03 as I've got it set to currency.

For my specific use, I need to calculate that interest amount by the rounded whole cent shown in my sheet, not the expanded decimal.

Any tips on how to do so?


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