Smartsheet Copy Rows Automation is Duplicating Data


Hi All,

I have a Smartsheet set up which includes an automation to copy the rows to a second Smartsheet which works as a Pro Forma sheet for our Accounts Department.

The idea is that we will input data into Cells as normal and then once our Client has approved the proposal, they will 'Approve' in Smartsheet via a dropdown. Once they have approved, it is then copied to our Pro Forma Sheet which is where accounts will take over.

The above is working perfectly, however we are stumbling into a problem.

When our Accounts Team have invoiced the client, they have a checkbox to complete to confirm they have received and uploaded the invoice to their internal system. When they tick that checkbox, it is again copying the same data to our proforma sheet meaning every entry is being duplicated.

Our automations are definitely just set to only copy rows once so am a bit perplexed as to why the rows are copying for a second time! Any help would be hugely appreciated. Attached is an image of the Automation.


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