Has anyone created a report that was able to pull data from both sheets and forms that are attached to sheets?


  • This was the message back from support. This cannot be done at this time.


    Thanks for contacting Smartsheet Support.  We don't currently have the functionality to create a report that contains data from rows from sheets and data from an attached form to a sheet, but I've let our Product team know about your request. We appreciate your input!

  • Hey Barbara,

    Appreciate you linking the response from support. I guess I wanted to make sure I understood your question correctly. You could use a report to grab data from 2 different sheets and populate this report with the corresponding form entries. The form is the mechanism to input data into a single row in a sheet so I am unclear what you would be pulling other than row data which is populated by the form. Do you mean pulling data from an attachment in that row item?


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