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Expand Single Card in Kanban View

Travis Russo
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



I have about 10 cards in one of my Lanes. When holding a review with my IT partners, I'd like to expand one and only one card as we discuss it. It's a bit cleaner than expanding the entire list as I have to scroll down now as all 10 expand.


Could you make this an option? Maybe just by the drop down arrow that appears when you hover over it, or by double clicking a card?


  • Hey Travis, 


    Thanks for your feedback, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. When you are using card view do you have all the cards collapsed so that only the title shows? Would you want it to expande to show all the fields available? or just the fields you have configured to display on the card? 


    Right now double clicking on a card will open the edit form which will show you everything, The edit form shows fields in the order they apear in spreadsheet view so you could potentially reorder your grid so that the fields you review in your standup are at the top of the form. 


    We are looking into a feature to allow inline editing of a card, which could have an expanded view like you are asking for so any additional feedback you have would be helpful. 





  • Hi Robin, 


    Thanks for your feedback. I would like it to show all the fields, exactly like when you have the option to expand all cards. I would just like this for one card if you (maybe) click a drop down arrow. This way the other 10+ cards I have are still neat and tidy while the expanded card can be discussed with stakeholders. 


    I can get around this by double clicking and "editing" as you say to see all details for that card/project, but it's not as neat (in my opinion) as the expanded card. 


    Hope that makes sense!

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