VLOOKUP resulting in some references coming back as #NO MATCH.

I have a master Smartsheet people fill-out a form for that submits purchase orders made. I have a corresponding Smartsheet that people fill-out a form for to indicate when a specific PO has been received. In the master Smartsheet I am attempting to use a VLOOKUP that looks at the PO number from the master Smartsheet and looks for the same one on the Shipments Received Smartsheet and then pulls over several columns worth of data.

As you can see in the screenshot, I am getting a lot of #NO MATCH errors, but I don't know why. I even copied the PO numbers from the Shipments Received Smartsheet and pasted them into the master Smartsheet to ensure they were indeed identical values, but I got the same errors on the same rows I previously did.

The formula, as seen in the screenshot, is =VLOOKUP([PO Number]@row, {Shipments Received Range 3}, 5) with column_num changing from 5 to 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 since column 1 in the reference range is the same in all of them, 'PO Number'.

Why would some of the cells pull data but others have the #NO MATCH error despite the referenced PO number being identical in both sheets?



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