Specific formatting within pivot report?

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Hi there,

I have a pivot report that lists staff resources and the count of projects each person has per month. Is there a way to have some sort of visual formatting added to alert the viewer when a person has more than a given number of items per month? Right now, I can apply conditional formatting to entire columns or rows, but it's including the columns and rows with totals, so they are always highlighted.

In this example, I want a number to turn bold and red if it is greater than 4. (Each person should only have 4 items assigned to them each month.) But when I set conditional formatting, I can't seem to exclude the Total and Grand (Total) numbers.

We've tried Resource Management, but because these projects are single-task projects, using the project management sheet didn't work too well for us. Plus, viewers had a hard time deciphering the percentages.



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  • David Fiorino
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    You can make a report from the sheet. Don't put column totals on your sheet since conditional formatting affects the whole column. On the report, you can summarize and choose all the columns you want to be summarized. It will auto-format as shown so as long as that looks okay it may serve your purpose.